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Anonymous asked: You're doctor used to touch you? I would like to know more about that...

Well it started when I was 12. I had just started to develop my womanly body. My breasts were budding, my hips widening, and by butt forming, I went to the doctors for a sore throat and when I went into the room my doctor asked me to take off all of my clothes to preform a fully body exam. I didn’t know any better and did what he asked. He listened to my heart, and put his cold stethoscope on my bare breast, causing my nipples to harden.
Then he took his flashflight, and while spreading my pussing lips, he peaked inside. He chuckled and told me I was “looking good”
He stuck his fingers inside of me, and tickled my clit.
After that I got vaginal exams every time.
When I was 16 he started the anal exams. He would spread open my butthole, and look inside with his flashlight. He would then take a long q-tip, dip it vaseline and stick it all the way inside me. He told me he needed samples.
Mmmm makes me wet thinking about it. I wish that perverted old man were here to exam me now…

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mylovelyhardcock asked: im horny too ;)

Mmm oh really? What do you look like? Are you touching yourself?